Organic maple syrup producers are subject to special regulations in how we manage the forest, extract the sap and how we clean our equipment. We’re also subject to rigorous audits to ensure our record keeping is correct and up to date. This assures consumers of organic products that the quality they expect is delivered consistently, and that environmental impact is minimal.


Organic maple syrup producers must ensure there are at least 15% companion species of trees, in their stands. Organic producers must also establish buffers if they are close to farmland or Christmas tree lots using prohibited materials such as pesticides.

Organic maple syrup producers are not allowed to cut undergrowth, and their fertilizer use is limited to the occasional use of wood ash, lime, or other allowed fertilizers. Tubing to collect maple syrup must be installed with protectors to avoid damaging maple trees.

There are limitations on the size of maple trees that organic maple syrup producers can tap, the trees must have a diameter larger than 20cm at chest height in order to be tapped.

Collecting and Boiling Maple Sap

Organic maple syrup producers may only use food grade alcohol to clean their taps and collection lines. No detergents or other cleaning agents are allowed, this ensures there are no bacteria in the tap hole when the tree is tapped.

Organic maple syrup producers must ensure that no mineral components of the sap are removed during the concentration process. In the evaporation process, only stainless steel pans, and only certified organic oils are used as de-foamers.

Organic Record Keeping & Certification

Organic maple syrup must be certified as such by an organic certification body. South Ridge Maple Co. Ltd is Certified Organic with EcoCert Canada, a globally recognized certifying body who visits our farm annually for rigorous auditing and inspection.  

Our EcoCert Organic Certification ensures all proper record keeping and documentation are kept, enabling successful organic equivalency in countries around the world.

Our Organic Certification cover both Maple Syrup and Maple Sugar production