South Ridge Maple’s owners and employees take pride in making the best syrup money can buy. But we also understand our customers’ priorities. South Ridge employs the principles of lean manufacturing and embraces continuous improvement to keep our cost structure competitive. Our flexible and fast approach to working with small and large customers is how we demonstrate value. We do not insist on large minimum order quantities. We help our customers with freight solutions and we believe in lasting business relationships.

South Ridge has a modern, well equipped blending and bottling facility. We specialize in hot packing maple syrup, but are capable of blending, mixing and copacking other liquids into consumer and foodservice containers. South Ridge has operational capabilities in the following processes:

  •   Maple Sugar Production
  •   Cold and Hot Liquid Blending and Mixing
  •   Hot Pack Glass and Plastic Bottling
  •   Cold Pack Glass and Plastic Bottling
  •   Dry Blend Packaging
  •   Wraparound and 2 Sided Label Application
  •   Specialty Labelling and Tagging
  •   Shrink Wrapping Multi Packs
  •   Induction Cap Sealing


South Ridge understands the requirements of modern food retailer and distributors. In addition to our commitment to first pass quality, we continuously self-audit our processes and procedures under the BRC food safety program. Below are certifications we maintain and are inspected for annually: