Single Source Difference

Single Source Syrup

Most commercially sold maple syrup is a blend of syrups from dozens, even hundreds of different producers. Those syrups are quite palatable and have a balanced taste. But when syrups are blended, the original character and delicate taste notes from each farm are lost. When you taste a pure, unblended syrup from a single stand of trees, you’ll know the difference. The syrup is complex, delicate and retains fragrances and nuances of flavour. Like a fine estate bottled wine or a single malt whiskey, a single source maple syrup is unique. And its provenance can be traced from table right back to the trees.

The gentleness of the evaporation also imparts a unique flavour to the syrup. South Ridge has a carbon neutral evaporator, using recycled wood pellets to fire its burners. This means the syrup is gently boiled to drive off excess water, bringing forth pleasant vanilla and caramel notes.

The taste tells the tale. When you buy a single source product, you can be sure it was made with care and love for the land, the trees and the product.

About Maple Syrup

Maple sap has been tapped, collected and made into sweet, delicious syrup for generations. Discover a few facts about this truly magical and purely natural product.